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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Starring Stockard Channing

Back in 1987, I was 31. I was singing in nyc. I was stopped on the street, mistaken for Stockard Channing a lot.

I thought about Susan Stockard Channing today. She played "an Abby" (The First Lady) on the West Wing. She and I have never met. We are nothing alike except we have had serial marriages, and have settled in long-term relationships (but I married mine) She kept the name "Channing" as I kept the name "Buck" from my first marriage.

Stockard Channing is now 64 years old. Amazing. Here she is at my age, in 1996:


and on various Talk Shows:


Talking about the ultimate freelancer - the actor.

Six Degrees of Separation -- you betcha!

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and the word of the day is "chutzpah". Lee Israel has it in spades - and will be making more money from it!

--isn't forgery a crime?

and she wrote my favorite two childhood bios: "miss tallulah bankhead' and "kilgallen" and EXPOSED the kilgallen = kennedy assassination! Lee Israel was the biographer's biographer.

But why, what led her to, and meticulously "how" she did the forgeries is a wild thing--why, with my old remington #7 i could do that to, methinks!

but i blog, which is what i yam. (LOL)

the book is called "Can you ever forgive me?" and the title is taken right out of Dorothy Parker! --or Lee Israel writing in Dottie's voice? (see letter above) -- WHAT- EVER!

but the NY Times book review says "Now, all these years later, she’s written a slender, sordid and pretty damned fabulous book about her misadventures." So I must go to Border's with my discount coupon and buy it to-day!

About the book:
Description: An audacious memoir by a down-on-her-luck writer, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" is Israel's story of the astonishing literary forgeries she conceived and successfully executed for almost two years.

now, THINK ABOUT THIS: nobody made that movie that has been in my mind's eye for 20 years of mary steenbergen playing miss dorothy kilgallen (now she is too durn old!) but a movie can be made of miss israel's book as a FRAUD! doncha just love it!oh, oh, yes, let's do that! let's! xxx's!

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