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Thursday, June 22, 2006

-88 "HighViz P.R." for myself, or, I owe GOV Mike Huckabee (R-AK), a great BIG HOOAH!


From: Abbe Buck[PR]
To Joe Quinn, Policy Director for State of Arkansas, Gov. Mike Huckabee
cc: (undisclosed recipients)

fyi* Hey, Joe, as you know, I was given a death sentence in August, 2005. I was told that if I did not lose some of my girth, I would be sentenced to a wheelchair. To me that equivalates DEATH. I potentially need a full (two) knee replacement and was too FAT to get one. On November 11, 2005 I gave up all SUGAR, FLOUR and REFINED FOOD cold turkey.

I simply did what GOV Mike Huckabee is doing, and will do it for the rest of my life. As Billy Sunday was a preacher in the 1920's, and as himself is an ordained minister, GOV Mike Huckabee is preaching the gospel, but instead of "give up drinking the demon rum" Mike Huckabee's approach of "Quit digging your grave with a Knife and Fork" is a need in our life and times. It can be a lethal addiction, everyday eating, because you/we, can put down the bottle! You see, food is our daily "fuel", like gassing up our cars!

You may not realize it, as large as I was/am, that one of the WORST ADDICTIONS that we, as a people are wired into in the USA is one of FOOD. TWO THIRDS of the US POPULATION are not my fellow alkies, or druggies, but my fellow food addicts, addicted to sugar and flour that lead to binge foods. Yes, like a junkie. Non non-sequiters needed saying 'junk food junkies'. It's all too true! I weighed 352 lbs tops.

Of course, being fat, in a wheelchair, as your "virtual sexy sounding PR gal", I could keep working for you (see
www.highvizpr.com/washington_woman), but like Gov. Huckabee, as he and I turned the corner at 50, we would be lucky if our lifetime clocks kept ticking as we turned 51....52.....55....57......You see this could mean DEATH. Yes. OBESITY = lifetime illness. And OBESITY KILLS. Trust me on that.

I lost 88 lbs in 7 mos. I have 88 to go. Then I will stay there. No gastric bypass (Carnie Wilson, Al Roker and Star Jones, take note--YOU ARE STILL ADDICTED TO FOOD, kids - Carnie admits it, bless her) No hoodia (just another addiction - PILLS, ask Limbaugh--and he's fat again!) and alcohol....it is pure sugar, and refined food that will give you just as much a "kick" - just try a whole Tiramasu, babay!

For more on my story (Hey, Jim Bell/Today Show, you may finally want that interview - I would go one on one with Al Roker - you bet!), I can be reached at 1-800-380-2825. --Abbe Buck[PR]

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Real Arianna


Article at Maureen Orth site. Arianna gets it done. Mrs. Tim Russert knew her WHEN.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

HighVizPR = Politics = show-biz or how did Tony Snow get that job?

AbbeBuckPR -in the business of "High-Viz-Ability": [Groan Dept.] Connie Chung, Blow-torch singer for one night ONLY!

[Groan Dept.] Connie Chung, Blow-torch singer for one night ONLY!

nyt reports (LOL!)

Connie Chung, Torch Singer for a Night

By JACQUES STEINBERG - Published: June 20, 2006

Those who caught a glimpse over the weekend — either on television, or later on the Internet — of the torch song that Connie Chung warbled to mark the end of her short-lived program with Maury Povich on MSNBC, take note: She says she meant her performance to be a gag.
[It was a great gag!]

Video: Connie Chung's Farewell (youtube.com)

"I sing off tune so perfectly," she said yesterday, "I just find it's a great way to capture the audience."

Ms. Chung, in a shimmering evening gown and long white gloves, slithered atop and around a grand piano while singing a version of
Bob Hope's signature song, "Thanks for the Memory," in a style best described as evoking a tipsy Marilyn Monroe. At one point Ms. Chung even shook her behind at the camera. The lyrics — written by Lizz Winstead, co-creator of "The Daily Show" and executive producer ofMs.Chung's program — mostly made fun of Ms. Chung and her husband, Mr. Povich, whose own long-running talk show tends toward seamier material than did "Weekends With Maury & Connie."

A sampling of the lyrics:
"This half a year flew by/My Maury, what a guy/Instead of asking, 'Who's the daddy?'/He could talk Dubai."

Asked if she had required a drink beforehand to get through lines like that, Ms. Chung, a former co-anchor of the "CBS Evening News," laughed, then said, "I should have had a drink before I went on."

Thanks in part to the Web site
Youtube.com, clips of Ms. Chung's rendition have been rocketing through cyberspace. Not everyone, it seems, got the joke.

The media-centric Web site
Gawker.com was reminded of something Dave Barry once wrote about Richard M. Nixon's resignation remarks — "a semicoherent speech about his mother that may well rank as the single most embarrassing moment in American history." The site then added, "The 37th president can finally rest in peace."

Did such barbs sting? "I always have a hard time with them," Ms. Chung said. "I decided what the heck?"

"Weekends with Maury & Connie" — a half-hour program in which the two hosts sought to comment on the news through analysis, point-counter-point and humor — was at least partly intended to counter the conventional wisdom about each of them, she said. "It showed Maury was a thinker, a reader, an intelligent news person," Ms. Chung said. "It showed, on my side, that I can have as much fun as anyone."

The show, which was broadcast for six months, on Saturday mornings at 10 (and rebroadcast throughout the weekend), never caught on with viewers, drawing an average audience of slightly more than 200,000 on Saturday mornings. The cable channel quietly noted its demise earlier this month.

Throughout her career Ms. Chung, 59, has periodically sought to show that she has a sense of humor about herself and her work. She was a frequent guest on
David Letterman's late-night talk show, particularly when it was on NBC.

And this is hardly the first time she has sung off-key, as a gag, publicly. She once did so on "The View," serenading
Barbara Walters after she announced her retirement from "20/20." And about a decade ago, she said, she did so at an awards dinner, crooning to Dan Rather (with whom she had been briefly, awkwardly paired on the evening news).

Of her singing, she gloated, "It makes Maury cringe."


--and in an off-key range of five keys, ALL OF US can cringe right with him, and my dogs can howl, too!

Connie, "we thank you, so much"


Abbe Buck, once a singer


Monday, June 19, 2006

Mrs. Maury Povich: When your ratings are that bad, and no one cares, do your own THANG!

This is still our Diva, our media babe. Katie Couric is one of a kind. Diane Sawyer ditto. Ann Coulter may take cheap shots at the 9-1-1- widows dressed in Dana Buckman drinking Moet, but Connie Chung is a drunken singing swan dive! BOOM! She bombs! Ann will too in a couple of books from now. We all do.

FILE UNDER HIGHVIZPR meets high camp, please!

And no, Bob Hope is NOT turning in his grave.