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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Abbe's message to Mel Gibson (by way of Army Archerd and Larry Gelbart)

Mel Gibson, will you work in this town again? Absolutely. Allan Nierob is spinning apologies like mad -- and with all of this publicity! This is a town that of FULL OF YES, that loves the infamy of a big fat comeback. The old guard Jews are dying. But they do have one big fat last hurrah about Jew haters.

Face it baby. You are a racist. You are a JEW HATER, JEW BAITER. Not merely an "anti-semite", because semites are also Jihad,Hezbollah, Lebanese, Iranian, Arabian and anyone of that ilk that came from the PROMISED LAND, B.C. You just hate the CHOSEN PEOPLE. MY PEOPLE. And your father is wrong. There was a holocaust. My distant cousins DIED IN THOSE OVENS, you fucking idiot!

I am a Jew. Period. And so many hate me! I remember swatzikas in the 60's on the wall at our rec center in Niles, Ilinois when I was just eight years old. WHY? I am now Mel's age. I thought it would surely go away. After reading Larry and Army, surely it has NOT.

Now for Army and Larry, who went to Lakeview HighSchool with my Dad, Marvin (that is too cool!)"

---Abbe Buck, APR

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Message to Mel from Larry

Larry Gelbart sent this message to me for Mel:

"Icon Productions, indeed. You managed to con everyone, sir. Including those of your own faith.The Jewish people, who managed to survive Goebbels, will survive one more Mel-content, one who already has a cocktail named after him.The leaders of this community, with rare exception, have contracted a case of laryngitis in this matter, largely choosing not to speak out against a man who so stokes the bonfires of bigotry.When the people who feel exactly the same way that Mel Gibson feels come to take us and families to the ovens, they make absolutely no distinction between those who spoke out and those who chose to play it safe."

((( P.S. Larry also told me: "The reason ABC canceled Mel Gibson's new version of the holocaust -- in his version, the Jews killed six million Nazis.")))

ARMY ARCHERD ALSO SAYS: Congrats Larry. And to those who had been reading my column all these years, you learned Mel's feelings beyond question. So much so that two years ago, Mel's longtime agent Ed Limato politely disinvited me from his annual Oscar party fearing my presence might embarrass his guest and client, Mel Gibson.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

INFAMOUS! The anti-semite cometh!

What a punim! What a Mugshot!*


HighVizPR Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! News is entertainment?: Allan Neirbob spins like mad to save his client's rep--- but the buzz is that Melvin Gibson is on the verge of career suicide, I reckon. He says it's real suicide, which is real-spin. Oh, he'll make a comeback after the requisite stint in 30 day rehab. Will it be "Lethal Weapon 5 meets mAD mAX GOES HELLZABOLLah--istic??" oy vey!


*Punim = Yiddish expression for face. Photo (c) THESMOKINGGUN.com