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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

INFAMOUS! The anti-semite cometh!

What a punim! What a Mugshot!*


HighVizPR Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! News is entertainment?: Allan Neirbob spins like mad to save his client's rep--- but the buzz is that Melvin Gibson is on the verge of career suicide, I reckon. He says it's real suicide, which is real-spin. Oh, he'll make a comeback after the requisite stint in 30 day rehab. Will it be "Lethal Weapon 5 meets mAD mAX GOES HELLZABOLLah--istic??" oy vey!


*Punim = Yiddish expression for face. Photo (c) THESMOKINGGUN.com

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