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Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to Hire HighVizPR - Part 1

HighViz’s step by step guide, or how Marketing + Promotion
= solid PR

1. A publicist gets press coverage (in all types of media) for their clients. Many times an Information Officer or a Business Development Manager may perform many of the same duties as publicists, only they respond passively to inquiries about promotion (they seek corporate function, or sales may be the bottom line). At HighViz, we believe that a true publicist actively seeks an interested audience in almost any venue (from a trade publication to the internet), and is, in effect, selling the image, the “brand” through marketing to the media.

2. The publicist is often the middleman between the high-profile personality or an entrepreneur with a new service or product, and members of the media. The HighViz Publicist usually wants their clients to receive positive acclaim, but many publicists surveyed by our own marketers have noted the old adage that “the only bad publicity is no publicity.” As politicians and captains of industry require a little more specific ‘spin’ on their press-they want to be seen as forward-looking and confident, we have found that a smaller or mid-range company is seeking more permanent exposure in the very same fashion as they continue to grow.

3. Publicists also perform damage control, attempting to counteract any undesirable press coverage the client receives. This position as “last line of defense” is what distinguishes the adequate publicist from the extraordinary one. Good publicists can turn scandal into opportunity and create valuable name-recognition for their clients. At HighViz, we have found that in an uncertain society (the faster things move, the more facts must be checked!) “Relationship Management” is damage control, as we strive to either defend a client, or position them in the most favorable light possible.

4. Publicists don’t only work for the famous. Our clients at HighViz might include a little-known person or industry and we create reasons for them to receive press coverage. In a case where a company desiring publicity is hampered by its “esoteric nature or technical jargon”, such as with an attorney speaking of corporate governance or Information Technology pertaining to a top Government Intelligence agency must be explained, the publicist must translate its positions into easily understandable language without losing its intended message or appeal.

5. THE DAILY GRIND (or a typical day at HighViz Consulting Group): A major part of HighViz’s publicist’s day is spent writing press releases, creating press packets, launching websites and web simulcasts, which have photos and information about the publicized person or company. Publicists spend a lot of time on the phone. As we put in long hours, we actually thrive under hectic conditions, as we must adhere to strict deadlines which coincide with publicity events, as we work with a magazine for the launch of a type of business practice or a new product in comparison to the release of a movie or the publishing of a book. It is HighViz’s Job #1 -- to ensure that we will get the appropriate information to all media (from newspaper to web simulcast) in time for the event they are generating publicity for, such as a record release or automotive sale, or a top-flight seminar. HighViz is always available for comment (even when that comment is “no comment” at all!) In this, we always remain friends with the media, no matter how demanding the desires of both clients and the reporters on whom they depend (and trust us, we love this stuff!)

So do you wonder, at the end of the day, do we go to the hottest parties in town, the ones for our clients at a movie premiere or a seminar, or at the National Press Club, The Omni Shoreham, the Mark Hopkins? (---we do attend, if you ask us to!).

Here is what we do at HighViz…..

Ø Public relations, marketing, and event planning are also conducive to our full-service infrastructure for our clients.

Ø “HighViz is a project company” Public relations, sales, promotion of a new brand, launch marketing, and event planning are also conducive to our full-service infrastructure for our clients.

Ø We firmly believe that an event planner creates events to generate interest in whatever the publicist is promoting.

Ø We also have our marketers study the community to determine how the client is perceived and how its members feel his image could be improved on an ongoing basis.

Ø Advertisers and writers often create the materials used by publicists, to which HighViz is asked to incorporate in much of our marketing, promoting and “publicizing”. As we work in this milieu, we also can determine where and how frequently the company should advertise As Booking agents are responsible for procuring venues for publicity and anticipating the effect the events will have on the client’s image, HighViz will also follow along these lines. . For instance, we believe that our customer may have to weigh the exposure that comes from being a keynote speaker at an association’s convention or corporate event to being a guest on a major talk show, holding their own against the potential friendliness or the hostility of the host!

So, talk to us….so we can talk for you! We’re at 1-800-380-2825

HighViz is a project company:
1600 Tysons Blvd., #1600, McLean, VA 22102

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The boss and the tao of existing in a day job - a personal haiku

i took a brief respite from HIGHVIZPR and advertisement for myself
i decided to work for a small "beltway bandit" in the underbrush of northern, va

and then
i met mr. boss, my c o.o.

he needed things done to take the firm to the next level ASAP

Suddenly i did things that could not be done before for this little corp.
Good. but is the norm for me.

then I had a surprise
all at once felt every bit my age,
then at once i am (this) 33 year old highly paid secretary,

like miss marmelstein you know,
who graduated from cc n -y,

and then i find i am just
like a giggly 15 year old back in high school.
it's been a long time since i have been 15.
like a clumsy colt at the starting gate seeking approval
i simply do not need anymore
or do i?

just like with my with my HVPR clients, i was needed!
even though i was just an 'employee',
i liked it!

would i do pr?

would i be a biz dev gal?
a facilitator to federal agencies (i cannot divulge the work,
but diverse it was and is)

but my days are numbered...

you see, i can only go so far, and then i have to move it forward -
it will be time to go
a gig is a gig'and this is not my gig

about this mr boss fellow--

is this regular joe the c .o. o. cool as in joe cool?
oh, no never in a million years.
but there is a quality about him, a rumpled lawyer look and sound,
and a stubborness that is intriguing.
to challenge it/ him would be futile.

even if i influence decisions for this company''s good,
the direction taken may not be the road i want to keep travelling.
it is a 'day job'.
someday for certain i'll want my old life back.

((( if i knew mr. c.o.o.

in another life i would throw back
the vodkas with abandon,
i surely would )))
maybe i have a little schoolgirl crush on the working dynamic,
but to be a secretary forever is not what my calling is

Charles Grodin, where for art thou now?