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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The boss and the tao of existing in a day job - a personal haiku

i took a brief respite from HIGHVIZPR and advertisement for myself
i decided to work for a small "beltway bandit" in the underbrush of northern, va

and then
i met mr. boss, my c o.o.

he needed things done to take the firm to the next level ASAP

Suddenly i did things that could not be done before for this little corp.
Good. but is the norm for me.

then I had a surprise
all at once felt every bit my age,
then at once i am (this) 33 year old highly paid secretary,

like miss marmelstein you know,
who graduated from cc n -y,

and then i find i am just
like a giggly 15 year old back in high school.
it's been a long time since i have been 15.
like a clumsy colt at the starting gate seeking approval
i simply do not need anymore
or do i?

just like with my with my HVPR clients, i was needed!
even though i was just an 'employee',
i liked it!

would i do pr?

would i be a biz dev gal?
a facilitator to federal agencies (i cannot divulge the work,
but diverse it was and is)

but my days are numbered...

you see, i can only go so far, and then i have to move it forward -
it will be time to go
a gig is a gig'and this is not my gig

about this mr boss fellow--

is this regular joe the c .o. o. cool as in joe cool?
oh, no never in a million years.
but there is a quality about him, a rumpled lawyer look and sound,
and a stubborness that is intriguing.
to challenge it/ him would be futile.

even if i influence decisions for this company''s good,
the direction taken may not be the road i want to keep travelling.
it is a 'day job'.
someday for certain i'll want my old life back.

((( if i knew mr. c.o.o.

in another life i would throw back
the vodkas with abandon,
i surely would )))
maybe i have a little schoolgirl crush on the working dynamic,
but to be a secretary forever is not what my calling is

Charles Grodin, where for art thou now?


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Kilroy2005 said...

Who is Mr. Boss? Is this a real person?