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Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Me, Mongo..... Me just Pawn in Game of Life"

Such is life. Richard Pryor wrote that great line. As communicator - diplomat - ranconteur - connector - gadfly - facilitator - publicist - wannabe vocalist - lobbyist aide de camp, I am what I am, and today in my role I am Mongo. And I am proud!

Ya know, you had to see Blazing sADDLES TO GET IT. i SAW IT BACK IN 1974. i FELL OUT OF MY SEAT AT the Bryn Mawr theater. I was with Ben, my kid brother. I will never, ever forget it. Funniest movie I ever saw.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Last Hurrah? (or was Ann Coulter being a "Hillary Girl" just another publicity stunt?) Mark "Patton" Levin REAL DEAL

... message to mark levin: stop trashing michelle obama, who may be your first lady someday- soon!*

About Mrs. Clinton (looking in this picture like the late, great Dorothy Kilgallen): Maybe she can be "Running Mate, too"? Ouch. Must hurt if REAL pundits are right-on. Dashing OBAMARAMA takes female 21-=51 YEAR OLD VOTE and cheeseheads (e.g. Wins-conscin) by storm!

This is a stunning surprise, and now the *arch-conservatives like Mark "Patton" Levin have no choice but to attack Mrs. Obama for being black bushwa-bourgeois! And it just won't work. (((But Mark, you gotta know, I listen to you every night because I work a few miles from the underground bunker, and you tell your truth daily: I gotta tell you, pal -- you can't stop this runaway train. Where Ann Coulter is one big fat publicity stunt. You are the real deal, sir. And we lost Fred Thompson because he did not kick John McCain's ass! ))))

Tale to unfold in Texas Ohio Vermont.

(((( I want Fred and Rudy back sooooooo bad! Damn it. ALL! Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee (my diet hero) warbles "mah career in pols is soooo over!" ))))

that's all I have.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

From Jean Fain,Therapist: Yes, Celebs do DISSERVICE when they endorse diet plans (might as well endorse black beauties like (my) mother did!)

and now Ms. Alley will turn to Scientology for weight loss method - isn't that a form of "higher power"? mmmmmhhhmmmmm....... well, good for her! Get in a 12-step meeting, girlfriend! Or eat mindfully. You CAN do this. I do this one day at a time (no pun intended Valerie), knowing I am an addict, and that I cannot pick up a chip. Or twinkie, but I can have a coffee, eat a normal meal. Read Therapist Jean Fain's take.

Boston Globe
Her Web message: Think when you eat Boston Globe, United States - 15 hours ago According to Fain, public figures like Oprah, Valerie Bertinelli, and Kirstie Alley are doing the public a disservice by implying that their weight-loss ...

Off the rack: Entertainment -Toronto Star, Canada - 12 hours ago---Cover: Kirstie Alley has packed on the pounds and is out of work. But it's OK because she's going to "unleash the powers of Scientology to help mend the ...

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Memo to Kirstie Alley - you are alright just the way you are---no matter what - (after losing 160 lbs, I know what is GOOD ENOUGH)

This is an open.MEMO to Kirstie (Kirsten Jean) Alley: This People cover has been on my fridge since I joined program. And it will stay there. And although you had the guts at 55 to go on Oprah in a bikini, OPRAH, SHE HAS GAINED WEIGHT! We are all over 50! Yes, Kirstie, you remain an inspiration to me. The People covers, both of them (the one of you in the purple dress, too) stay on my fridgidaire).

I am thinking things over, and it is an addiction, the food, I know, (my top weight was over 350 lbs) and you do too, like smoking, shopping, sex, snorting coke. You were a coke head---Hell, you know! One woman summed up the addiction to food perfectly and how society viewed your appearances on Oprah and the whole Jenny Craig "club" stint on her blog: take a look - http://weight-loss-story.blogspot.com/2005/11/kristie-alleys-dieting-success.html
The double-standard that society HATES the obese, like "No dogs or JEWS allowed" is a last taboo of prejudice in our society, and it ain't going anywhere. People dislike me in my own "program" now because I WILL not become smaller than a 14-16 from a 24-16, and f * * * them , too, I am not going to lie about it! WYSIWYG, honey!

So go and bake a pie, if that is what you want to do, and have a slice -- - f * * * Hollywood, and Jenny Craig. If you are ready to deal with this insidious addiction, feel free to call me at hvcg/hvpr. I am listed.


abbe b.
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NEWS FLASH! Jenny Craig fires Kirstie Alley for weight gain - hires Queen Latifah as replacement, spinning "health"

YES, IT IS FOOD ADDICTION - and Kirstie is a Food Addict, just like ME, and countless others. So, so, so many others. She was paid millions. The spokesperson at Jenny Craig says that Kirsten Jane Alley is grateful, and she is going to move on, she will ....just no longer... be the face of Jenny. I just hope she will acknowledge the addiction to food is the genuine article (it is! OH MY GOD!) and get in a program of some type. There are lot's of them in Hollywood. I am not sure how Scientology deals with the food stuff, and I cannot/should not take Kirstie's 'inventory' on my blog*

and to quote Linda Ellerbee, an open alcoholic, "and so it goes."



CHICAGO — Kirstie Alley won’t be calling Jenny anytime soon.

The former "Cheers" actress is stepping down as Jenny Craig spokesmodel after three years with the company, People magazine reported on Friday.

Alley lost 75 pounds and kept that weight off for more than a year during her stint with Jenny Craig, Scott Parker, vice president of marketing for the company, told People.

"Although Kirstie will not appear in future advertising endeavors for us, she does remain on Jenny Craig's maintenance program and is confident that our program has helped her incorporate positive lifestyle changes that should last a lifetime," he said. (((((He's spinning it, baby! Damage control! He has to. They made sooooo much money on her zaftig ass!! But if you gain weight, how do you stay "poster child"? My take: You see, people need to eat REAL food. Not "Jenny" food!-- and people that do not do due dilligence gain - lose. We are addicted to flour - sugar - substances. uh oh. Not my place to editorialize --combat this here, is it?)))))

Actress and singer Queen Latifah has joined Valerie Bertinelli as a celebrity spokeswoman for the company.

An ad on the Jenny Craig Web site featuring Latifah states: "I’m taking the first step toward improving my health with Jenny Craig."

Click here for more on this story at People.com.

*Now, for what Ms. Alley will really do, read this:

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