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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Memo to Kirstie Alley - you are alright just the way you are---no matter what - (after losing 160 lbs, I know what is GOOD ENOUGH)

This is an open.MEMO to Kirstie (Kirsten Jean) Alley: This People cover has been on my fridge since I joined program. And it will stay there. And although you had the guts at 55 to go on Oprah in a bikini, OPRAH, SHE HAS GAINED WEIGHT! We are all over 50! Yes, Kirstie, you remain an inspiration to me. The People covers, both of them (the one of you in the purple dress, too) stay on my fridgidaire).

I am thinking things over, and it is an addiction, the food, I know, (my top weight was over 350 lbs) and you do too, like smoking, shopping, sex, snorting coke. You were a coke head---Hell, you know! One woman summed up the addiction to food perfectly and how society viewed your appearances on Oprah and the whole Jenny Craig "club" stint on her blog: take a look - http://weight-loss-story.blogspot.com/2005/11/kristie-alleys-dieting-success.html
The double-standard that society HATES the obese, like "No dogs or JEWS allowed" is a last taboo of prejudice in our society, and it ain't going anywhere. People dislike me in my own "program" now because I WILL not become smaller than a 14-16 from a 24-16, and f * * * them , too, I am not going to lie about it! WYSIWYG, honey!

So go and bake a pie, if that is what you want to do, and have a slice -- - f * * * Hollywood, and Jenny Craig. If you are ready to deal with this insidious addiction, feel free to call me at hvcg/hvpr. I am listed.


abbe b.
# # #

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