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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Last Hurrah? (or was Ann Coulter being a "Hillary Girl" just another publicity stunt?) Mark "Patton" Levin REAL DEAL

... message to mark levin: stop trashing michelle obama, who may be your first lady someday- soon!*

About Mrs. Clinton (looking in this picture like the late, great Dorothy Kilgallen): Maybe she can be "Running Mate, too"? Ouch. Must hurt if REAL pundits are right-on. Dashing OBAMARAMA takes female 21-=51 YEAR OLD VOTE and cheeseheads (e.g. Wins-conscin) by storm!

This is a stunning surprise, and now the *arch-conservatives like Mark "Patton" Levin have no choice but to attack Mrs. Obama for being black bushwa-bourgeois! And it just won't work. (((But Mark, you gotta know, I listen to you every night because I work a few miles from the underground bunker, and you tell your truth daily: I gotta tell you, pal -- you can't stop this runaway train. Where Ann Coulter is one big fat publicity stunt. You are the real deal, sir. And we lost Fred Thompson because he did not kick John McCain's ass! ))))

Tale to unfold in Texas Ohio Vermont.

(((( I want Fred and Rudy back sooooooo bad! Damn it. ALL! Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee (my diet hero) warbles "mah career in pols is soooo over!" ))))

that's all I have.

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