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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Now you've gone and done it! WMAL, you better prepare to duck and cover!

Mention was made on this morning's TODAY show regarding racial profiling and profiling any and ALL Muslims. This is incendiary. But it is also bosso-profundo HighVizPR -- ride the wave, baby!--[Bloomquist] -- but prepare for backlash.

Once again, from DCRTV's Dave Hughes:
MALer Calls Islam "Terrorist Organization" - 7/26 - Michael Graham (above, right) has again gotten himself into hot water with area Muslims for comments he made on his late morning WMAL show. The DC-based Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has asked the ABC-owned news talker to take disciplinary action against Graham, who repeatedly described Islam on the air as "a terrorist organization" that is "at war with America." According to the DC Post, WMAL Program Director Randall Bloomquist said Graham's comments were "amped up" but justified within the context of the program. And he said the station has no plans to reprimand Graham. "The problem is not extremism," Graham said on his show, according to both CAIR and the station. "The problem is Islam." CAIR denounced the comments as "hate-filled" and "Islamophobic" and asked its members to contact the station's advertisers to express their dismay. The Post-Democrat (as Graham calls it) adds that Bloomquist said he received more than 100 e-mails protesting Graham's comments. CAIR has made other complaints in the past year about Graham's on-air rants. WMAL is clearly enjoying the controversy - repeatedly hyping the story during Tuesday's "Grandy And Andy" morning show. More at cair-net.org and at wmal.com.

DCRTV's take is in our 7/26 Rant.....



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