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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The "I can get sued" Dept. - No, I can't! Star Jones (already) on the comeback trail - not a publicity stunt - I AM THE VICTIM HERE



Star Jones is the ultimate DIVA - love her, hate her, she is a S T A R. But now she is out of the closet - she 'fessed up to Al Roker on TODAY. Bigger than Larry King which was a benchwarmer. It was long segment -- Longer than "Hillary Clinton and the vast right wing conspiracy" (!) It will take one hell of a brand reshaping here, But Savvy Star is getting busy so she lands another gig NOW. She is taking the high road.

Hindsight is 20 - 15: Yes, she should have had the public join the journey at Day #1. Just a purely PR opine, natch. But this is a very good route. Confession to Al Roker. Good move. Apologized to viewers (ala DeGeneres) Better move. And if a "Medical Intervention" is the bypass, well, alrighty, then! (
She and Al had the same doctors, after all). [By the way, I know Dr. Paul Lin personally--he almost did a re-do for me!]

Good luck, Mrs. Reynolds! Be ready: Barbara Walters will speak OUT sooner or later!

Abbe B., -92 now. Sans bypass and redo of a roux -n-y.


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