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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glenn Ford, 1916 - 2006


From the Los Angeles Times: How topical it is today!

As a commander in the Naval Reserve, Ford spent a month in South Vietnam in 1967.

Accompanied by a Marine Corps camera crew, he filmed combat locations for "Global Marine," a documentary training movie for recruits.

"People who come out here for a visit and go back with pat opinions about how the war is going to be won are fools," Ford told The Times at the end of his trip to the war zone.

"This is a vicious war, a unique war, with no simple answer, but I think the complicated problem we face here cannot be appraised and judged by anyone who has not been here."

Naval Commander Ford, who was the Brad Pitt of his day, (trust me on that!) knew what it was all about. He never won an oscar. Never even had a nomination in the academy (but he made sure William Holden had the win for "Stalag 17" in 1953 by sacrificing his own nom). This journeyman actor could play drama, comedy and [all of those] westerns with style. I became a fan once he stopped making movies, but what a discovery!



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