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Friday, March 21, 2008

Peter O'Toole is spot-on: actors nowadays cannot act. They have never been trained, taught or had proper breeding. Pity.

GREAT THESP Peter O'Toole is so right. Actors today are like bic lighters. Use them, toss them. Over and OUT. And they suck. Two emotions. Maybe 3 or 4. Like emoticons.






maybe a

;-* if we're lucky

and then they get naked.

No imagination.

And half cannot do a line-reading.

So, I'll keep my day-job, be a wanna-be, use whatever skills I have to play the role at work -- and salute, kiss-up, kiss-ass and act like "That Girl" -- omigosh--gee whiz!-- whenever I go to the Pentagram. Because, believe it or not, she is me, too, old broad or not. I am playing-- and living -- the part, to the hilt!


abbe b., at your service

# # #

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