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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is currently the Number One film in America

mr and mrs smith
Hollywood Reporter: "Smith" on target with
$51 Million opening

Surprised? I'm not. These are smart people, at least, I believe from Pitt's vantage point they are (Angelina has had her moments). But Pitt is a smart man, as cool and unflappable as his character (the) assassin in this film. With a 60-page photo spread in "W" , to ""what affair?" , these are people, and those who "rep them" (Pitt's Publicist is the always top-notch Cindy Guagenti), who clearly know what they are doing, contradicting their relationship every step of the way, but this is control....leave your public wanting more! SEE: THR's Newsmags Take Note - Pitt may have a point:

Now let's go from great show-biz PR to entertainment publicity run amok: Tom Cruise getting married?(!) Let's see if this will sell tickets at the neighborhood multimplex. Speilberg or not, I am not buying. DVD's come out in less than 6 mos. I'll wait.

Watch for my HighVizPR case study "Cruise VS Pitt: Today's film stars in PR contrast"

In the meantime, I leave you with this bit of confirmation: THR: A Tale of two Publicists, on our sister blog HighViz PR's "GoodPR- Bad PR"


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