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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Do Tina Brown and I know eachother? Wow! This is great!

To reference why I am being so tongue 'n cheeky, please read this short paragraph, then track
back-track to something I posted a couple of days ago:

Post: Brad Pitt, Zen Master of the Tabloids - This man is a class act, playing the ABC Network
Link: http://abbebuckpr.blogspot.com/2005/06/brad-pitt-zen-master-of-tabloids-this.html

Tina Brown writes: "Could it be that it will take celebrities themselves to break out of the prevailing cultural coma? Brad Pitt cannily insisted with "Primetime" ABC producers that his few evasive sound bites on his private life came at the price of four long segments about hungry kids in Africa. It may just be a brilliant PR move to counteract dumping America's girl next door for a luscious femme fatale, but it could also be a small sign that obliviousness is getting old."

I urge anyone who reads this web log (all six of you), to please read Tina's latest column. This is why she is exactly where she is today, a known entity, respected too, and I know she knows our celebrity-sodden culture better than anyone.

Fame is no excuse for the Rest of Us, by Tina Brown

(c) Washington Post, June 9, 2005



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