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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tom Cruise has issues, but they are HIS ISSUES, thank you!

Nobody lasts for-ever, Charlie movie-star,
<<--video alert! -->>

But according to the new "Radar" magazine, ("Cruise Ship Down" http://www.radaronline.com/web-only/showbiz/2005/05/cruise-ship-down.php ) ,Tom is now gracing the cover of the trusted Reader's Digest. RD says to keep up with the new generation of readers, they must get his story, although editorially they too slammed L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics, Scientology and Tom's new decision to go even more high-profile with his belief in the religion. Radar cries out in its own teaser "Pat Kingsley, (that great PR woman Tom had for over fifteen years) where are you now?" But after all, it is HIS career, and HIS choice. And usually in the showbiz oeurve, if we are to believe Corliss in Time, it goes like this:

"first, you're another sloe eyed vamp,
then someone's mother,
then you're camp,
then you career from career
to the rear---I'm almost through my memoirs,
but I'm here!"

--from Follies by Messr. Sondheim (1971)

---but to Tommy Boy Cruise Control, or to his trusted PR SISTER, or having the fans buy into that FAKE romance with starlet-katie-holmes---and his even dstronger belief in Scientology, Tom is facing more box office sschlumps on the horizon. If not, I would be surprised.


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