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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Finally! News of Great Aunt ZsaZsa Gabor, former Mrs. Conrad Hilton, mother of Francesca, who is suing her daughter

this is according to Celebrity Justice, dahling---

Zsa Zsa Sues Daughter Over Loan Scam -- June 3, 2005 [read between the lines - gotta stay HighViz anyway that we can! And with husband number nine, Zsa Zsa remains the mistress of notoriety, bar none! Now she will go the way of Doris Duke!]

zsa zsa zsa zsa
"My relationship is fine with my mother," Francesca Hilton told "Celebrity Justice" of Zsa Zsa Gabor. "I love her and she loves me." If that's true, Zsa Zsa Gabor has an odd way of showing affection. She's hit Francesca -- her daughter with the late Hilton hotel chain founder Conrad Hilton, and thus great aunt to Paris Hilton -- with a lawsuit alleging Francesca stole $2 million by forging Zsa Zsa's signature for a loan against Gabor's Bel Air mansion. On Friday, "CJ" was there as Francesca went to Santa Monica court to answer her mother's allegations. But Francesca told us she doesn't believe Zsa Zsa is behind the suit. Instead, she claims it's being orchestrated by her stepfather, prince Frederick Van Anhalt. "My stepfather has forbidden me from seeing my mother," Francesca declared. "He has padlocked the gate. I wasn't even able to see her on mother's day." But Zsa's Zsa's lawyer, famed attorney Ronald Palmerei, says the suit was filed at Zsa Zsa's direction. He says Gabor, who is wheelchair-bound after an accident, is devastated, "Number one, that she had to sue her own daughter; number two, that she faced financial risk by actions she didn't approve." According to the suit, obtained by "CJ," the payments on the allegedly fraudulent loan have soared to as much as $23,000 a month, and Palmerei says they could skyrocket as high as $60 grand. So what did Francesca allegedly do with the money? The documents claim she bought herself a million-dollar home and invested another million in a phantom company in New York. But Francesca insisted differently: "You think if I had two million dollars I'd be sitting in Santa Monica? I'd be in Europe." Francesca repeatedly denied the allegations in court, Friday, but ultimately it will be up to a judge to decide where the money went, and who'll pay for it.

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