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Saturday, June 25, 2005

So you wanna book a rock star? Anybody can -- if the price is right.

Want Madonna? The Rolling Stones? Tony Bennett? (just like in a movie cameo!) Now you, Joe Middle America, can have them all -- for BIG BUCK$$$$$ !

"...From a pure business sense--and they don't call it the "music business" for nothing--private gigs are win-win for entertainers. Tacking a private show or two onto regular tour stop doubles a destination's productivity--one night at the Gund Arena plus one night in some wealthy dentist's backyard equals two paychecks from Greater Cleveland. Also, they're a great way to recoup the exorbitant costs of mounting a major tour. "Artists like doing private gigs quite simply because they pay," says Barry Weisblatt, head of WhiteLeaf Entertainment Group, a New York-based boutique event production outfit. "From a financial standpoint, private gigs pay the bills and can help subsidize the cost of a tour...."


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