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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Consider this: a movie about Rove and Novak, starring Gannon, produced by Abramoff - it could happen

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PITCHES: - from Jesus (Hay-soos) General website/blog:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Apuzzo, Mrs. Apuzzo's guest column in the LA Times made me very angry. It doesn't surprise me that Hollywood liberals are rejecting scripts written by god-fearing patriots like yourself, but one has to wonder why we haven't fought back by creating our own filmmaking infrastructure. Certainly, the Jack Abramoff produced film, Red Scorpion, proves that conservative propaganda films can be successful.

Financing shouldn't be a problem. There are millions of patriots out there who'd be very willing to kick in a few bucks if asked. A few blogathons at the Free Republic, Powerline, and Little Green Footballs should take care of it--a mention that you're current script takes on Islamo-fascism should guarantee millions from LGF, alone.

You should also ask the newly elected College Republican Chair, Paul Gourley, for fundraising advice. He raised more than 17 million as treasurer for the CRs during the last election cycle by very
aggressively targeting patriots in the 80-100 years old age bracket. Certainly, his advice could prove very helpful to you.

Like I said, financing is the easy part. Picking the right film is much more difficult. While I agree that we need to see more Islamic villains on the big screen, I'm not sure your "realities of Islamo-fascism" script is the best way to go.

A large number of our leaders are in trouble right now. Perhaps we should create films that will provide them with a little help. Here are a few pitches for films that would do just that.

National Security -- A top White House aide teams up with a columnist to defend the president's honor by exposing a CIA agent and a CIA front company. Think All the President's Men with the President's men being the good guys. I see Jeff Gannon as Karl Rove and Shelly Winters as Bob Novak. Mrs. Apuzzo could play the positive immigrant maid who lets Mr. Rove's late night visitors into the White House.


LETTER: Dear General Jesus (Hay-soos),

Question: Would you like to speak with Mr. Gannon about appearing in your film [as Karl Rove], or Mr. Abramoff about producing it? I worked for Mr. Abramoff just last year, and perhaps he may entertain speaking with you. Things have been stranger than fiction with scandals and all.

As for Mr. Gannon, he may have an agent by now. I have spoken with him in the past, e-mail him daily, and am not adverse to having a conversation with him on your behalf.

You may also want to consider hiring on the "David Mamet Mafia" to submit a treatment ala "Wag the Dog". Also, I have a casting director pal who can find someone to play Scottie McLellan. This would make a damn fine movie, don't you think? I do!

Please feel free to contact me, and keep up the glorious communication of yours!


Abbe Buck, Publicist
HighViz Consulting Group, APR

Abbe Buck, Publicist
Homepage 07.13.05 - 9:13 pm #


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