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Monday, July 11, 2005

HighVizPR gives Bush Architecht Karl Rove advice---passing the point of damage control(?)

If there is anyone who reads this blog, (It has been visited by CJR, and a couple of others :-), I want to send this link/page out openly to Karl Rove. I do believe that the man is going to be in more than just a tight spot -- if pressured hard enough, he may need to change careers. I have placed differing points of views on my main web log, HighViz PR, see:HighVizPR + Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! I have been thinking, if he needs a second act/career, he can always become a chef on a cruise liner. The Rove Omeletta will go over big!

MORE ON DAMAGE CONTROL: http://www.highvizpr.com/reputation_management - movie stars, atheletes, CFO's, and Political Operatives ALL need it! Just ask Jeff Gannon, Paula Jones, Dick Morris, Monica Lewinsky, Mike McCurry, General Al Haig, Ollie North, Gordon Liddy, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and the late Helen Gallaghan Douglas.

MEANWHILE, for real news on what's cooking in Rove + Plame + Wilson + Novak + Cooper + Miller controversy, see: SEARCH KARL ROVE


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