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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Keith Olbermann's Nazi Salute - just another way to get attention-- and MORE ratings?

Click here first to see the letter from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League about Keith Olbermann:

http://www.adl.org/media_watch/tv/20060728-MSNBC.htm (the link)

Okay. But, hey, if Mel Brooks can make an entire INDUSTRY out of making fun out of Hitler, what's the fuss? Betcha Big bad Brother Bill O'Reilly called the ADL (HEH HEH HEH)

---but ask yourselves, is O'Reilly like Adolf Hitler? Pulleaze. But if Hebe's (Hebrew boys) like Keith-boy want to "Seig Heil", well, hell, have at it! Keith's a Hebe. Mel Gibson has an Israeli bodyguard. JESUS WAS JEWISH. FACE IT. YOU CANNOT ERADICATE US! We are all JEWISH! (PASTE STAR OF DAVID HERE) YES YES YES! ((( O'Reilly secretly wishes he were a Hebe. I know this is true. )))


GOP Bloggers :: Keith Olbermann's Nazi Salute
Keith Olbermann's Nazi Salute. Robert Cox over at Olbermann Watch alerts us to ...

MSNBC Pres. Rick Kaplan Resigns.... The Huffington Post
Yes, but Keith Olbermann (who is Jewish as well) won't touch the Zionazi Rabbis shown in the picture at the following URL: http://www.davidduke.com/?p=531. ...www.huffingtonpost.com/2006/06/07/msnbc-pres-rick-kaplan-r_n_22455.html - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

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