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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GREAT Human - Canine Interest Story - Elvis the Dog has Bark-Mitvah!

Elvis the Dog has a Bark Mitvah at Sammy's in New York - Cost the owner $10,000! worth every cent! THAT'S A LOTTA GELT!

OY VEY! Chopped Liver and the Kklezmer! Only in New York, kids, Only in NY! Elvis came back -----as a dog! ( btw, "hound dog" pictured is stock photo and not elvis - click for video - it is quite a charmer ;-)

MY FOX NY: Elvis the dog is one pampered pooch. His owner spent $10,000 to throw Elvis a "bark mitzvah." Check out this Web Extra video from the big night.

(((( (You can't make this up!) GREAT GREAT PR! )))))

Hava Nagilia! Let's hide the Matzo and the milk-bones!

# # #

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